How to clean the spy app out of your phone?

Your smartphone is heating up too much? It slows down so unusually that you can no longer perform your usual tasks? After following our advice, and find out if your smartphone has spyware, you want to move to eradication.

But how to do it? What are the solutions? And above all, how can you avoid reproducing the problem?

So many questions we will answer in a few moments. If you follow these few steps, you can easily get rid of this threat, present on your device.

How to remove spyware on your device?

If you have detected spyware on your device, there are several approaches available to you. But the first thing is whether you have access to this spyware or not.

Manual deletion

Good news, you can access and delete it manually. In this case, you can actually remove it from your device and any threat is discarded. However, nothing guarantees that “pieces” or spyware data are not present on your smartphone;

Another option is to install a cleaning software, which will allow you to do this work for you. By going to the Play Store, you will find applications that will do this work in depth. This is how it will be possible to delete unwanted files, clean the cache, but especially to uninstall all unwanted applications.

For example, we recommend the use of CCleaner, a well-known software on PC and Mac. The publisher also offers a mobile version, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of this application on your smartphone.

Incidentally, the application will allow you to clean all of your devices. Thus, an optimization of the applications a little too greedy in energy will be carried out, and identify those which draw in your data. In short, your smartphone will find a youthful look.

Radical but effective, resetting the device

Indeed, you read well. We are talking here about resetting your smartphone. But for all that, it’s the most effective solution. And for good reason, restoring factory settings erases all data stored on your mobile. In other words, if spyware is present, it will be deleted, as well as all this data. Read more this post to know how to spy on someones phone without touching it via NEXSPY

Beforehand, it is therefore important to make a backup of all your data. This will allow you to re-download them to your device after the system is restored.

To reset the device, simply go to System Settings. You will find an option that will allow you to erase all data and return to the factory configuration. Depending on the type of phone, the name may change, but logically you go to Settings -> Privacy -> Restore factory settings. It will take a few minutes before all the data is erased and your mobile comes out like new.

On the other hand, when you restart it, do not automatically restore your applications. Indeed, this could reinstall the spyware that was present on your mobile. And in this case, all the manipulation would have been useless. Only reinstall the applications you need, so you can stay safe.