The Web With The Best Parental Control Software

Are you one of those parents who are anxious about their child spending hours on end staring into screens? Well, human beings never really know how to react to change around us. Moreover, the technological revolution has changed so much in such a short period that this change appears alien, almost like a threat to parents of today and they go to extreme ends to “protect” their kids from this giant named the internet.

Instead of trying to steer kids away from the inevitable urge to step into the ever-intriguing virtual world, parents should themselves get involved subtly and finding the best parental control software is a good place to begin.

Why is parental control software necessary today?

The earlier approach to bringing up a kid was withholding information from them, not letting them a peep into the sick and demented side of the world. The arrival of the information age has meant that it has become next to impossible for parents to shell their kids from the twisted tunes of life on earth.

The reach of the internet pervades any walls parents build around their kids and the dark side of the web is ever ready to pull the innocents down the pit. This is where getting their hands on the best parental control software becomes vital.

The most important reasons being:

  • More than 80% of children around the world today are exposed to content they are not supposed to watch at their age. The content at their fingertips is age-specific and they are completely unaware of it, they generally ignore the warnings and the will to taste the forbidden fruit pulls them down pits they shouldn’t be in.
  • Cyberbullying is another one of the biggest threats faced by kids on the internet. The anonymity that the internet provides to people assures them of not being easily caught and they keep on getting brazen with their acts. According to a survey conducted on cyberbullying, Half of the children under the age of 14 on the internet get bullied on the web every year. This makes having the best parental control software even more important.
  • Social media provides a platform to kids and they don’t know how to use this platform, what to put out there, what not to put out there and what can be the consequences of putting certain stuff for all to see. Peer pressure among other reasons makes kids commit mistakes like posting highly risky content on social media platforms.
  • According to a survey, nearly 80% of the teens have friends who encourage them to post or share content on the web they should ideally not involve themselves with. Again, peer pressure makes gullible teens indulge in spamming inappropriate content on the internet without realizing how terrible can the consequences be.
  • The most worrying sign has been the rise in the number of online sex crimes. A large number of these sex offenders operate on social networking sites and find their victims on them. The mental harassment and sexual bullying faced by kids leave an imprint on their minds forever and stay with them throughout their lives. A parent who has access to the best parental control software can help the kid in such situations.

How does parental control software assist parents?

Apart from being involved in what the kids are up to on the web, parents can take the assistance of parental control applications and software to keep a tab on what their kids have been watching on the internet or what they’ve been involved in recently.

Filtering and blocking

Most parental control software allows parents to channelize what their kids should not watch. Adult websites unsuitable for their age, messaging web tools that can expose them to bullies and sex offenders. The best parental control software allows parents to make a list of websites they wish to keep their kids away from. Filtering and blocking are the most basic services these software providers.

Channelizing outgoing and incoming content

Social media gives a platform to kids which they’re unsure about how to use. They end up exchanging information with people they shouldn’t get involved with at all or sharing pictures they should not share with anybody at all. By using parental control software, parents can keep a tab on whom their kids are interacting with or the content they’re being sent by their friends and people they’ve come to know from the internet. Channelizing what the kids consume or produce can keep them protected from stuff targeted towards them to lead them down the wrong lanes.

Keeping a tab on the time they spend online

If kids end up spending hours and hours on the internet, it is next to impossible for them to stay safe from useless content designed to mislead and lead them down the wrong way. Parents should use the best parental control software to keep a tab on the amount of time their kids spend on the web and social media platforms. The kids would slowly start to get a sense of why spending outrageous amounts of time on the web is not the best thing for them.

Keeping a check on the content they consume

Curiosity is intrinsic to every child’s nature and it can lead them to great success and achievement in their life but the same curiosity can make them come across content they shouldn’t get involved with. Parents can use this software to monitor what their kid is searching on the internet, what websites he is visiting more often and how much time is he spending on them. The best parental control software gives easy access to monitoring content. NEXSPY is the best free parental control app

The information age has spelled greatness for the human race as a whole but it has also spelled a lot of threat for kids who now know more than they should. Parents worried about the state of affairs should start using parental control applications and software to help their kid stay safe and secure.